Thursday, 26 January 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2009 - Part One

Amsterdam is one of the best places in Europe and I am not saying that because of the legal opportunities there. Lets see Amsterdam without the Red LightDistrict and the coffee shops, what can Amsterdam offer?

After your arrival to Schiphol you just need to go to downstairs and catch the train to AMS. 

Amsterdam is a relatively small town, you should be able to walk to town end from the Main Train Station in a half an hour, but there are several different transports as well, if you choose not to walk, which I do not recommend because you will miss all the awesomeness of the town. If you really not a walker then just rent a bike… The only transport I would recommend is the Canal Cruise!

Okey, lets see the locals: Almost everyone is speaking in English, fluently, with a very clear accent! Even the elderly people. Also they are very helpful and friendly. Most people would think that the locals are basically stoned 24/7. Forget it…

Unfortunately, I have not much to say about the gastronomy this time, but I can tell you more about the beers available. Belgian beers are ridiculously cheap and you can get a big variety of them in every supermarket. Some of them like Rochefort is less then 1 euro while in the UK is more than 4 poundsIf you go to any pub or beer garden you will be able to get some of them on tap for example La ChouffeIn the other hand if you ask for a Grolsch  in a pub you will be paying 6.5 euro for 1 bottle even in outer town, while in your nearest supermarket you will be able to get 24 bottles from the same beer for only 8 euro.

By the way I am a big fan of Belgian beers but I am sure you have figured that out by now. (I will upload a few cool photos from Bruges later on) But that’s more than enough of beers for now.

Well, I am going to be honest, I haven’t really done much apart from walking around taking photos and trying out all the beers, so I won’t be able to tell you about all the theatres and museums, but I will definitely will go back one day, especially cause one of my best friends lives there, so after taking some more photos I might going to visit those missing museums and all that.