Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bruges, Belgium - 2010

The movie “In Bruges” is one of my favourites.
If you have not seen it, you missing out! I really recommend it to everyone (above age 16).
I always knew that I eventually will visit Belgium (because of the excellent beers they brew there), but after watching this movie I was pretty sure that I am going to visit Bruges before I die, so when my great friend Michael Birkmose  after spending 4 years in England, decided to move back to Denmark and take all his belongings with him in a van and drive all the way from Cambridge to Copenhagen trough many countries, including Belgium, I knew that I have to go with him and convince him about stopping In Bruges and spending a day there.

Despite the size of Bruges, there is a lot to see, so one day isn't really enough, but better than nothing. I have tried to take some good photos, I am not really sure if I succeeded, that is for you to decide!

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