Sunday, 23 September 2012

2010 Copenhagen, Denmark

I'll be very short and simple on this one: Copenhagen is just the best place ever !
Awesome people everyone with nearly perfect english, very laid back they are basically hippies in thier own way :D - true story...

The place is kinda mixed up a little, the things are very modern, high quality, everyone is a geek, but in the same time, you feel like you constantly walking on a pirate ship or rather a viking ship. You get this Harbour feeling with a cool breeze and seagulls, oh and everyone is cycling, i even heard that they are bigger cyclist nation then The Netherlands.

Food is shockingly good, the milk and all diary products are SICK! I had the best Tuna can ever, also the best hot dog stands are there, and you want to try K-salat Remoulade!

...and hope you want too se the photos too ! 

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